Would you?

Think of your situation now… Could you do it? ¬†Would you be willing to risk everything for a large payout? Think for a second, I truly mean everything. Is there nothing more important than living a dream life? Austin belives so, His wife Tess on the other hand not so willing. So thinking of you, your family, friends. Loved ones you would leave behind if something was to happen to you. Could you do it??? ¬†


In our World there is a place where only the Brave or the Utterly Crazy dare to go. Driven by the big rewards and perilous adventure these highly motivated, self starters build shielded vehicles to transport precious cargo across the highly irradiated, extremely dangerous, and ever changing expanse that used to be the equator. This is a job is not for just anyone. It is for the young, the rugged, the fast, the quick thinkers and the completely without reason. Not a job for the faint of heart either.

With the knowledge knowing full well they can only make 10 trips in a lifetime before the radiation can cause serious issues, (That is of course if nothing goes wrong, and almost always something does) They run things like supplies, sugers, stim. and Sometimes, they move people, they also been known to move problems.

Not all is bad, there is the silver and gold to be had, if you can make your deliveries, if you survive the glass. Just 6 hours of work. Not much right? 6 hours of racing for your life. Avoiding raiders, glass storms, puddles of irradiated glass, cliffs miles deep, fissures full of gasses and if all that doesn’t get you, well, there is always your fellow drivers looking to pick up a few extra bars.

Stay tuned for more from The Desolate World where every day is an adventure.

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