Aug 21 update

Here is the update for August 21, 2016.

Doug, our sound person and editor for out first main project and hopefully more in the future, has pieced together music and voice-overs along with the storybard and has most of a layout or animatic done.  We still have a little tweaking to do before we feel we can release it but it will be ready to go fairly soon. When we do release it look for an Indiegogo campaign to go along with it.  The trailers will be part of the crowd funding campaign to produce the pilot for the main story and a web series to go on YouTube.

Jacob our organic modeler is working on the main characters and Kyle, who has done the concept art, is working on turnarounds of a few more characers.  He has also done some sketches of different lighting of the environment.

David our inorganic modeller has come up with a couple of concepts for some interesting vehicles.  Hopefully they will be ready to show in the next couple of weeks .


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