Interesting Times

We are living in History. Now more than anything defines who we are and how we deal with disaster and tragedy.

There once was a curse that went “May you live in interesting times” We are there. The COVID-19 has certainly shaken society to the core and hopefully has us all rethinking our values and priorities.

IJAH Productions Inc, had, as a company, decided to focus on video production along with Domain Registration and web hosting. COVID-19 has caused us grief as social distancing makes video production all the more difficult at the moment. It will be difficlt until the social distancing is over for us to shoot video of people. We are shooting what is known in the industry as B-Reel so that we can sell segments for other producers to use.

We had previously shot some videos of local drama productions of the high school and the youth group. We are looking to produce DVDs of the productions to sell and raise some funds for these groups by splitting the profits with the organizations that put on the plays. Stay tuned for announcements when we are ready to distribute them.

Keep safe everyone, wash your hands, don’t touch your face and be kind to one another.

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