June 19

We are several small steps closer to putting together our trailer that will be used for the Indigogo campaign that we will be running to raise funds to produce the pilot of the first Series.  Kyle our concept artist, who has put together some amazing art to help us along our way, also put together a shot list for out first trailer.  This is a very talented individual.  We are starting work on a second trailer to follow the first.

Of course the details cannot be released until we actually post the trailers, when we start the campaign, but I can say they both will give you a quick view of the world we are going to be telling our story in and some of the key story elements. All I can stay is stay tuned to my blog as I report on our progress each week. Okay, so I missed a couple of weeks but I am trying to keep the blog as up to date as I can without giving away any secrets.

We, well actually Kyle, is starting on the story boarding of the first trailer,  our music and sound person is going to start setting up his queues and the modelers will be modeling.  These are exciting times, as IJAH Productions Inc. puts together the pieces we need to start its first crowd funding campaign.

That is it for this week.


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