May 29

This week we looked at the start Shane developed and Chris and I modified to produce a scripting for a 90 second teaser that shows off the environment. Next is putting some stills and animations together to flesh out the story.  this will be one of the pieces we use for the crowd funding campaign we will be starting in the near future.

We also looked at a script for another teaser that is a conversation between the “Historian” and a small boy.  Again we need to add visual content to the script to flesh out the story it tells of how the world got to the state that our story depicts.

Kyle has done more magnificent work on one of the main characters of whom you will be introduced to later on. Darrel and Shane are working on backgrounds of some of the main characters so that the script writer will know who they are and what motivates them.  You will meet these much later on as well.

We also introduced the “Through the fifth wall” blog.  The forth wall as most know is when an actor addresses the audience. We see the fifth wall as the artist addressing the audience and talking about what they do.  The first entry in the “Through the fifth wall” blog should be up in the next few days to give you insight into what these artists do and maybe even a little of the why.


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