Oct 8, 2016

To be honest, getting this company off the ground is exciting, educational and a hard job.  We have been working with some unbelievably creative talent and we have some truely amazing ideas.  The challenge is getting the ideas through all the steps to get it to the production phase. We have concept art, story arcs, starting to get some 3d models worked out, all on a shoestring budget.

We are going to run an Indiegogo campaign in the next couple of months. We are working on the pre-campaign items as I type.   This first campaign will be to raise enough money to take care of administration costs for the company and to raise enough funds to pay for 3d models, rigging and possible animators.

If you are interested in supporting us or finding out more, I encourage you to signup to the mailing list.  We will be letting some of the concept art out and some teasers for the shows in the mailing list exclusivly.

Thank you for your interest.



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