Web Presence Service

Do you need a web presence but you do not have the time or a lot of money to spend? Our solution is a low cost web presence.  One of the stories to be told is that of a business on the internet. In that light  IJAH Productions Inc. Offers the following for very small businesses that cannot afford an expensive web site:

Our offering consists of the following services.

Google business page management. Google will automatically set up a page for your business.  Most small businesses do not have time to manage this but when people look for your business this is what they see first.  We can manage that page for you to give you a better social presence and get your word out to the customers who look you up.

Domain Registration:     We can register your domain.
Web presence hosting:  We will host your web site.
Web presence design:    In consultation with you, we will set up a web presence.  This would normally be a simple two page WordPress site that has a main page that is about your business and a contact page so visitors to your site can get in touch with you.  Wordpress is used so that if you want to grow your web site, you can contact a contract web developer that can help you with a more complex design like eCommerce or an online store, etc. Most developers work in WordPress so your site can be grown not rebuilt.

If you are interested in a budget friendly Web Presence for your small business please contact sales@ijah.ca

updated June 14, 2024